Msqueeze is a project based on the Community Squeeze (CS) project. The idea was to build a small and flexible mobile music system that holds my entire digital music library. Msqueeze is my companion during business trips and holidays and makes sure I don’t have to miss my great tunes. Msqueeze stands for Mobile Squeeze; nothing fancy but the kid needed a name… Since it is based on CSOS it actually is a Squeezebox system. The system uses an ad-hoc wireless network to communicate with the player(s) and remote. This allows for a compact stand alone system without the need of an additional WiFi Access Point. Msqueeze is setup in such way that it can be used in many different scenarios:

My msqueeze is running on a Wandboard Dual. The Quad is also usable and has more resources available. The Dual has enough power under the hood to run the system so both boards are a valid option for msqueeze. I have listed the major part requirements in the links section.

The setup page explains all configuration, software installs and setup that is required for msqueeze. I tried to make a clear and simple how-to guide to setup your own msqueeze machine. You can drop me a mail should you have any questions or remarks through the contact page.

A special word of thanks goes out to the brilliant guys behind the Community Squeeze project, Clive (JackOfAll), Adrian (Triode), John (JohnSwenson) and all other contributors. Without the great work of these guys projects such as these wouldn’t be possible. Thank you guys!

Let's keep the great Squeezebox system alive and join the community!

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